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It is the induction of brief convulsion by passing an electric current through the brain for the treatment of affective disorders. Patients are selected to undergo ECT are carefully screened. This treatment is typically used for patients who have had minimal or no improvement following medication. ECT can benefit patients with severe depression, mania and Schizophrenia.

ECT is safe yet most effective treatment for some mental disorders including depression. It is one of the fastest ways to relieve symptoms in severely depressed or suicidal patients. Patients are carefully monitored during the treatment. The patient is awakened minutes later, does not remember the treatment or events surrounding it and is often confused. The confusion typically lasts for only a short period of time.

Selector Switch

This knob can be turned to three positions:

      C.S (Central Stimulation) - In this position the head electrodes deliver the Cerebral Stimulation pulse. (This is used by some for minor       brain stimulation. This position should not be used for ECT.)

      ECT-1: This is to right side of C.S. position. To start with, the knob should be placed in the setting for giving ECT. This is usually       produces the needed convulsion.

      (c) Ect-2: When convulsions are not produced at ECT-1, then immediately turn the knob to ECT-2 and given another stimulus.

Front View

This knob can be turned to three positions:

      This Status display will show Whether ECT-1, or ECT-2, or CS is being given.

      Light in this bulb indicates that the ECT System control power is ON.

      Light in the bulb indicates the ECT treatment is ON.

      Light in the bulb indicates that the ECT treatment is in process.

      This is used to insert the socket of the wire leading to the head electrodes.

      The bulb lights up when the ECT pulses are following properly through the head electrodes.

      If too much current flows through the circuit the integrated circuit inside machine will sense and stop the operation and indication lamp       turned Onu. Press ECT System reset button to normalize the operation.

Circuit Protector for Safety

When the System power Lights turned off. Check the Circuit Protector. Switch used to turn the ECT machine ON and OFF.

Description and Woking of Accessories


This is used to insert the socket of the wire into the head electrode output.

Unilateral Electrodes


These electrodes are fitted snugly on temporal area on both side of the skull. The temporal areas should be cleaned with a cloth soacked in saline water before every treatment.

The switch should be pressed till a proper tonic and clonic convulsion is obtained. It usually takes two to three seconds to produce the desired effect. The auto-timer is set for a fixed period of 3 sec. for ECT -1 and 4 sec. for ECT-2. The current will cease automatically after this period, even if the hand switch is not released.

The unilateral electrodes are placed, four inches apart, on the non-dominant side of the skull.

Physical Characterstics

Size: (Approx) Length 12.5" - Width 11" and Height 6"

Weight: 8 kg

Colour: Cream

Electrical Characteristics

Supply requirements

Voltage: 200-230 volts AC.

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Inspection and Observation

K.P.H ECT Machines are being used for treatment, very successfully for the last 30 (Thirty) years at Karachi Psychiatric Hospital, as well as at many other psychiatric centers throughout the country. We have used the most modern mechanical, electrical and electronics systems in order to ensure maximum effectiveness safety.

Our ECT Machines are being used by psychiatrists in Pakistan, as well as abroad, and if desired we can provide the name and addresses of the Psychiatrists, in or near your city to enable you to examine its performance. The following are the cities where the K.P.H. ECT Machines have been bought by doctors.

    *   Sindh : Karachi, Sukkur, Nawabshah

    *   Baluchistan : Quetta.

    *   PukhtoonKhuwah : Peshawar, D.I, Khan, Mardan, Mansehra, Kohat.

    *   Punjab : Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Faisalabad,Rahimyar Khan,Sialkot.

    *   Foreign : Sudan (Khurtum)

You are also welcome to visit KARACHI PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL to see the machines in operation. A booklet about ECT, will be delivered with the machine, in order to guide the new user about the indications, contra-indication, the number needed in various diseases, side effect etc.

Sales & Payments


The sales of the ECT Machine is payable in advance with the order and this includes freight and insurance, within Pakistan.

Money Back Guarantee

We shall refund the full amount received, if the Machine is not liked, for any reason what so ever, provided it is returned within one month of the purchase.

Free Repairs & Parts Guarantee for five years

In addition we provide free of cost parts and repair for defects occurring during normal use, for a period of five years. After five years, further repairs and parts will be charged at normal rates.


Delivery of the K.P.H ECT Machine shall be made immediately after the receipt of the cash or bank draft.