Karachi Psychiatric Hospital

Clients getting registered
at KPH reception

Spiritual therapy session
for admitted clients

A therapist counseling
a client

A counseling session
with a client

Client purchasing medicines
at KPH pharmacy

Admitted client reading newspaper in his room in the Private ward at KPH

Admitted Client playing carom board
with hospital staff

Snapshot of workshop on addiction
conducted in KPH seminar hall

A view of audience during the workshop
on addiction conducted in KPH seminar hall

A therapist conducting activities during the workshop on addiction conducted in KPH seminar hall

A therapist conducting group activity
during workshop conducted in KPH seminar hall

Latest News

  • Mission Statement of KPH

    Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life of clients and their families by providing them with world class modern psychiatric treatment.

    At KPH, we pursue our mission by:
         *   Total care system of mental health management
         *   Up to date treatment options
         *   Highly educated and trained mental health professionals
         *   Emphasis of research to localize psychiatric knowledge
         *   Round the clock dedicated service
         *   Community Outreach with subsidized fees and free camps

  • Quality & Commitment

    You can get the help you need when it comes to mental problems like Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction etc. We have highly trained and qualified Psychiatrists, Psychologist and Social Worker at your service. Karachi Psychiatric Hospital also offers quality medicines at our own pharmacy at a very reasonable price. All professionals are under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Syed Mubin Akhtar. He is a diplomat of American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology from United State of America.

  • Welcome To KPH

    The Karachi Psychiatric Hospital (KPH) has been catering to the mental health needs of Karachiites in particular and Pakistanis in general (through Skype) for the last 44 years. Dr. Syed Mubin Akhtar, an American returned Diplomat in Psychiatry and Neurology founded KPH in 1970 to provide access to mental health irrespective of financial standing. And since then KPH has been successfully providing world class treatment to cure mental illness.

  • Our Message

    Our message is clear that one in every four person is suffering from mental illness. Mental illness needs to be treated in order to be productive at work and society as well. Today, we have medications, counseling, psychotherapy, hypnosis, machine treatment as well as other methods to treat mental illnesses. We are offering the best possible way of treatment to our patients. Your opinions and feedback are important to us.

    Please feel free to ask questions by email at support@kph.org.pk or visit our website www.kph.org.pk .